Like You.

Crafting excellence meets Web3. Your NFT printed on your 3D customizable sneakers. Wearable IRL and in the metaverse.

Crafting excellence meets Web3. Your NFT printed on your 3D customizable sneakers. Wearable IRL and in the metaverse.

You love your NFT? Walk the walk.

Put your NFT on the streets by imprinting it on unique, bespoke and handmade leather sneakers crafted with xcellence in Austria, Germany and Italy. Every NFSneakers.CX Genesis token holder can commission a custom pair of sneakers - editable in our 3D editor and wearable IRL and soon in the metaverse. Our Genesis sneakers are shipped worldwide alongside a leather nursing set in an exclusive wooden box. On top of that every shoe produced comes with a photorealistic 3D Model, updated in your NFT metadata and soon ready to be walked in the metaverse.

Non-Fungible. Like you.

Customize your sneakers in our high-end 3D editor by choosing from more than 100 different options - the color of your leather, the sole, the seams, the eyelets and the shoelaces. And because NFSneakers.CX is all about customization, you can add even more unique add-ons to your sneakers in the production process. We call that “legendary customization”. Individually developed with you and crafted by us. The additional price of the legendary customization depends on your demands.

CX stands for Crafting Xcellence.

Our NFSneakers.CX are individually crafted in Austria, Germany and Italy with Crafting Xcellence and years of experience from passionate shoemakers. We only work with high class materials - comfortable to wear, durable and responsible. We love every single piece we create. If you buy a pair of NFSneakers.CX you can expect the highest quality - literally on every step of the way.

We are NFSneakers.CX

Fully doxxed team with years of experience and the shared goal, to bring the most exclusive NFT wearable to your feet. IRL and in the metaverse.

Matthias Lechner
Co-Founder & Entrepreneur
COO, Business Development and Brand Evangelist.

Christoph Sitar
3D modelling, conception and realization 3D editor.

David Huber
Conception and development smart contract.

Julian Höck
Graphic design, photography and video creation.


Titus Oberhammer
Concept and creation of our exclusive packages.

Katharina Pohler
Brand Consult
Corporate Communication, Art Market Researcher.

Jasmin Wörndle
Idea Creator & Master Saddler
Conception, design and production of the first NFSneakers.CX pairs.
(No longer actively involved)

Marco Neher
Comm & Strategy
Marketing, PR and Social Media Mangement.
(No longer actively involved)

NFTs already imprinted on NFSneakers.CX


After you use your production slot to customize your individual shoes in our 3D editor, you will get a unique, bespoke and handmade pair of sneakers - physical and as NFT. Your physical sneakers contain an NFC chip, linking them to your NFSneakers.CX NFT and your NFT imprinted on your sneakers.Your NFSneakers.CX will soon also be wearable in the metaverse.
Our passionate shoemakers in Austria, Germany and Italy bring high-quality, custom leatherwork to the Web3 space and metaverse. Their Crafting Xcellence ensures that you have the most exclusive NFT wearable on your feet.
The sneakers are individually handmade in the workshops of our passionate shoemakers in Austria, Germany and Italy.
The upper part of the shoe consists of best quality shoe upper leather, lining leather and leather binding. The outsole is made of rubber and the insole is made of PU. All leathers used are top grain cow leathers that are from european (mostly italian) tanneries. Rubber Outsole: 40% natural rubber with a smaller carbon footprint / full size range: 36-47, no gaps between sizes / high back part for extra support. PU Insole: ergonomic shaped footbed for extra comfort / arch support / high density PU for extra durability.
Every NFSneakers.CX - Genesis token holder accesses our 3D editor with her/his wallet. Every NFT in the same wallet can be used in the production process to imprint it on your sneakers. After that, the desired motive is printed on the leather by a hightech printing machine from aeeon GmbH with water based environmental-friendly ink.
No. Only NFTs in our collection set to the state ‘production slot’ enable you to start the customization process and get a pair of NFSneakers.CX. Once the production slot is used, the state is set to ‘in production’, once delivered to ‘produced’.
Yes. You need to have a production slot NFT in your wallet to start our editing process. Everything else is up to the market.
Yes. You can trade your NFSneakers.CX NFT at any point. But every production slot can only be used once to get a pair of unique NFSneakers.CX.
Yes. You can trade your NFSneakers.CX NFT at any point. But every production slot can only be used once to get a pair of unique NFSneakers.CX. Produced NFSneakers.CX can soon be used in the metaverse by its holder.
Every production slot gives you the right to customize and order a unique pair of sneakers and get them delivered worldwide. As soon as you hit the order button, the state of your NFT will be set from ‘production slot’ to ‘in production’ and we will start crafting them - physically and as a 3D model. Once you receive your NFSneakers.CX, the state of your NFT will be updated to ‘produced’ and we will add the metadata of your NFT to show your individual sneakers as a photorealistic 3D model.
Yes. It is possible to use your NFT on different NFSneakers.CX, but you cannot create the same NFSneakers.CX twice. Every pair of sneakers is unique.
You. Every pair of NFSneakers.CX is crafted on behalf of the owner of the production slot. She/He alone is responsible for how the imprinted NFT is used and shown in public.
Please be careful when configuring your sneakers. They can’t be returned as they are fully customized.
Yes. We call that ‘legendary customization’. In addition to the more than 100 options in our editor you can create even more custom traits together with our customer support and our shoemakers.
You can contact us at any time via comm@nfsneakers.cx and we will get back to you within 24 hours via mail or discord.

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